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TVS Accelerator : A Game-Changer In Dealership Management

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India has always been at the forefront of creating internationally famous firms and notable commercial inventions. Today we will talk about TVS Motors, one of these successes. Among the most well-known, this business has been in operation for a very long period. This notoriety has resulted in the firm taking on many additional duties, such as distribution and retail management. Please read this post through to the end as we will go over the TVS Accelerator platform in great depth. 

Known About TVS Accelerator

TVS Accelerator is an innovative technology created by the popular Indian motorcycle maker TVS Motor Company. This progressive web application (PWA) integrates the most advantageous aspects of online and native application development. Like any other website, it operates in a browser. However, if you’d prefer not to utilize the app store, you may install it directly from the browser on your home screen by following the instructions. Additionally, it offers push notifications, quick loading speeds, and offline capability that is on par with native apps.

Users can manage total enquiries over the application such as total enquires and how many are left in it, how much are converted, postponed enquires, lost enquiries, etc. On the other hand, the top-notch service is online booking with an ease. Everything related to vehicle booking and delivery can be managed through this single handed accelerator tvs app.

Features Of Accelerator TVS

Accelerator TVS provides intelligent reminders, job prioritization, resource management, comprehensive data gathering via AI, real-time monitoring with reporting, and multilingual support. Here are the features you may anticipate from this web application, to put all of them into greater detail:

  • It provides you with real-time reporting so that staff members or dealers can monitor all queries, status updates, and other information.
  • This tool gives you the ability to utilize and send electronic reminders to your consumers.
  • This website automatically divides all work into three priority categories using a machine learning algorithm.
  • Once you’ve signed into your account, you may quickly switch between the languages supported by this app from the dashboard.
  • This AI-powered TVS Dealership management tool sorts and organizes customer information smartly for a variety of users.
  • Any type of device (mobile, laptop, tablet) may be used to access it from anywhere, at any time.
  • provides a resource level inquiry allocation view that enables the Dealership Owner/Branch Manager to allocate leads to sales executives either automatically or manually using rule-based allocation.

Step For TVS Accelerator Login 

TVS Accelerator App

The TVS Accelerator Login procedure consists of the following few easy steps:

  • First, go to the official website by opening the “Browser” of your choice. 
  • Once you select it from the shown SERPs, you will enter the official URL on the platform’s primary dashboard. 
  • Complete the required fields in the input boxes that show up as needed: Full Name, Email ID, City, Mobile Number
  • You must provide your User ID and Password in the corresponding areas in the next stages. 
  • After confirming the accuracy of the data you supplied and completing the TVS Accelerator Login, click the “Login” button.

Step To Recover Password Of TVS Accelerator

You are aware that forgetting your password occurs frequently. Alternatively, simply follow the instructions to obtain your password fast. 

  • First and foremost, go to the official website using your preferred browser. 
  • After visiting the website, click the “forgot password” option on the login dashboard. 
  • After accessing the webpage A reset link to your email will be sent to you by the website once you enter your registered email address and wait a little period.
  • Go to your email account to obtain your Accelerator username and password. 

Step To Use TVS Accelerator App

In order to use the TVS Accelerator App, you just need to follow the given below steps are:-

  • Turn on your phone before you may access the Play Store.
  • Afterwards, search for Advantage TVS using the Play Store’s search tool. 
  • To begin the official application’s download to your smartphone, choose and touch it from the results. 
  • To continue using the TVS Accelerator App without any issues after it has been downloaded, choose “Dealer” or “Employee” for your login. 

Step To TVS Accelerator App Download And Install

Follow the given below steps to TVS Accelerator App Download are:-

  • First, on your existing device, open the Apple Store or Play Store.
  • Look for the “TVS CONNECT” app when the app opens.
  • Choose the first option that appears on the app after the search.
  • Then, to download the apk, click the instal button.

Is The TVS Accelerator Not Working?

You shouldn’t typically experience any problems using this online application. However, it’s crucial to remember that mistakes can happen with any program, even online and mobile ones. Taking into account that you must contact customer support to report any problems you encounter and receive assistance in order to update, maintain, or see any data, or the website as a whole. If the TVS Accelerator isn’t functioning for you or the server appears to be down at the moment, call the customer service helpline at this number:

  • Helpline number: +91 8108123131.
  • The customer assistance operation hours are 9 am to 6 pm on Monday to Saturday.

Alternatively, if there is any issue then, in the helpline form you can enter details such as name, mobile number, and briefly describe problem.


TVS Accelerator, which allows TVS clients to handle many client inquiries in one location, is essentially a CRM tool with a ton of wonderful features to relieve the strain on TVS clients. There is no need to download any other TV Accelerator apps in order to use this app; all you need is your web browser. Moreover, it is free to access on any platform. It is solely accessible by TVS employees. If you have any questions, get in touch with the TVS app’s professional customer service.

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