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LTFS MERC: A Key To Efficient Financial Operations

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Finding a trustable financial services providing platform is such a big deal, which provides loans on a short-term and long-term basis to the clients. If you are searching for a trustable platform that serves financial services, then you are on the right place. Because, here we are going to introduce you to LTFS MERC that provides loan on various different commodities. Moreover, At this place, we will discuss about the website features, documents required for the application and many more. 

Overview Of LTFS MERC   

LTFS MERC is a financial service providing platform, which provides loans to the clients on a short-term and long-term basis to operate their work. It is an important player in L&T finance, nationwide economic entity that offers loans against various commodities and services. Moreover, The main objective behind creating this page is to manage all collections linked to various financial obligations. 


Website NameMiFlow (MERC)
Division Micro Finance Collection Repository 
ObjectiveTo keep report of payments made against loans by L&T
Parent CompanyL&T finance
Official Website

Registration On LTFS MERC

According to our research, right now the registration portal is not active on the website. So, you might have to wait for the latest updates or the changes made by the website to acquire the registration process. If you want any further information regarding the registration process, then kindly visit the official website and contact them through the information provided there.   

LTFS MERC Login Process


MERC LTFS offers a fast login process, to enhance the experience of the user. If you want to login your account to get the access of the website, then follow the required steps to LTFS login on the official website:-

  • Step 1: Firstly, open any browser from your gadget
  • Step 2: Visit the miflow.ltferp login page of the portal 
  • Step 3: After that, Once you reached in the login page, fill the required details given on the portal like “Login ID and Password” 
  • Step 4: After that, you fill all the required details, click on the “Login” button 

Services Offered On LTFS MERC

There are many services that LTFS MERC offers. Some of them are listed below for your knowledge:

  • SSC login L&T: Microfinance institutions are permitted to get the access of the shared services, resources and support that is given by L&T Finance, through their ssc.ltfs.
  • LTFS microfinance: The usl LTFS com microfinance supports microfinance institutions to achieve their goals.
  • MiFlow access management: It provides you a safe and secure environment to get the access of the platforms like microfinance institutions.
  • MiFlow Ltferp login: Mi-flow is linked to the Ltferp system of merc l&t, which allows microfinance institutions to get their account’s access.
  • L&T collection app: Mi-flow provides you a mobile application that offers you an easy and efficient process of loan collection.  
  • Ltferp access management system: Microfinance institutions can have benefits from Miflow SSC login Ltferp access management system functionality. 

Eligibility For LTFS Micro Finance Loan 

MERC LTFS provides loans to women who help them to keep working in their business. The maximum amount of loan provided is Rs 45000 and the tenure would be 24 months.

  • The applicant’s minimum age should be 20 and maximum age and maximum age should be 60 
  • The loan is only provided to women 
  • The maximum loan amount would be provided  is Rs. 45000
  • The tenure would be maximum 2 years
  • No collateral required 
  • 1% of processing fee will charged 

Benefits Of LTFS MERC

There are numerous benefits of using LTFS MERC financial services. They provide loans secured against a wide range of assets which are as follows: 

  • Cost effective: MERC LTFS offers a cost effective solution for long term records. Through their low cost per terabyte compared to the storage options which allows financial institutions to store their data expenses effectively.
  • Security of the data: The support for encryption MERC LTFS includes an important layer of security of the data.
  • Enhance Data Recovery: You can protect your data by LTFS tapes from unexpected events that occur offline, air gapped.
  • Easy Interface: The LTFS interface is very easy to use because of the familiar file system, reducing the learning curve for the users. 

Reasons To Choose MERC LTFS Portal

There are many reasons of choosing MERC LTFS Portal, while some of them are given below:

  • They provide short-term loans just for 2 years by the name of MERC
  • This initiative was launched by merc l&t finance to collect employee details, as well as customers and maintain it themselves.
  • This portal was launched to maintain the customers data due to large number of customers managing data related to loan amount and installation dues would difficult. 
  • Through this portal customers can view their loan details and balance.
  • MERC LTFS provides financial services to about 5 lakh people in India and their major services is to provide short term loans to the customers.

Languages Available In LTFS MERC Portal 

The following are son languages provided by LTFS MERC, that are given below:-

  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. Kannada
  4. Malayalam 
  5. Bengali 
  6. Marathi
  7. Gujarati
  8. Tamil
  9. Oriya

Glimpses On MERC’S LTFS MiFlow

MiFlow is a web portal which is launched by LTFS which is L&T Financial Segment. Its a portal of microfinances collection repository which is known as Miflow l&t merc. The web portal offer loans and monetary services to over 5 Lakh Indians. Their fundamental economic carrier is used by L&T consumers. Meanwhile, their financing limit is available for a maximum time period of 2 years crafted to keep track of details collected on employees and their clients.


LTFS MERC is a great initiative to provide financial services to the customers. Additionally, the portal was launched by L&T finance to provide loans on various commodities across the globe. Moreover, it is an important player in L&T finance, a nationwide economic entity that offers secured loans against various services. It is also consist of Micro Finance Collection Repository portal which is also known as MERC portal. They maintain all the records of the payment that would made against those funds.      


The Information provided here is truly based on our research. So, kindly take caution before taking any financial services from the platform. For any further information please visit the official website and contact them through the information provided there. 

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