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End-to-End Sales Life Cycle Management with TVS Advantage

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TVS Motors is a remarkable motorbike manufacturer. TVS Motors’ performance proves India can succeed in numerous sectors. It is India’s second-largest two-wheeler maker and exports to over sixty nations. The cutting-edge TVS Advantage lets TVS Motors sell across many outlets. Effective sales management contributes to the company’s success.

The TVS Advantage

TVS shops will become more efficient with this all-encompassing and ever-changing tool for critical jobs. TVS shops and service facilities work efficiently with this complicated system, which controls several dealership areas. 

  • End-to-End Sales Life Cycle Management: It handles the whole sales life cycle, unlike other companies. This comprises store financing, insurance, supply management, billing, transport, and unit sales-related consumer data. Business ownership is included. Beyond store purchases, it goes further. Using an end-to-end solution ensures sales processes are holistic. The experience is smoother and more client-focused.
  • Service and Workshop Automation: It leads to service and workplace automation because it realizes how vital service centres are to customer satisfaction. This application simplifies service records, repair orders, work pricing, and guarantee claims. These characteristics make TVS service centres more efficient and enhance consumer confidence by offering high-quality after-sales care.
  • Accounting and Financial Workflows: It currently offers budgeting and financial chores for many activities. This covers accounts due and received, general ledger, bank account balance, credit control, and stationary control. These features provide complete financial management. This solution provides sellers with reliable and timely financial data to make strategic choices.
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Optimization: Any successful automaker requires strong inventory and supply chain management. It covers stock management, buying and pricing new components, and monitoring supplier performance. These talents assist merchants in satisfying consumer expectations by saving money, optimizing the supply chain, and having enough merchandise. This helps firms serve clients better.
  • Business Monitoring and Reports: In this era of data-driven decision-making, the platfrom stands out with real-time displays, tailored reports, and data presentation for all business and financial KPIs. These distinguish TVS Advantage from other brands. Businesses obtain relevant information and get aid with projections, trend analysis, and effective measures to remain ahead in the market.

Usage Rights and Collaboration

The TVS Advantage requires dealers to donate INR 1.5 lakhs. This aid pays for hardware, software, and support. This collaboration tool simplifies shop collaboration and might be applied to other automakers. Sellers feel that they own the system since they invested collectively. This ensures that the system improves and becomes more valuable to enhance TVS’ dealer network nationwide.

Understanding TVS DMS Login Process 

The firm provides users with unique login credentials to access TVS Advantage—the firm issues certifications. Role-based access enables users to modify functions depending on their job descriptions to protect sensitive data and ensure honesty.

  • Dealership/Business Owner: This crucial function reports sales success, collections, and payables in real-time. They also manage daily activities, including security. This individual also manages security settings.
  • Department Heads: Their access depends on their department’s budgeting, customer service, sales, or other duties. They can manage and streamline operations because they know how to deal with people.
  • Employees: With the necessary permissions, staff may input client information, create service task sheets, and invoice payment. This limits their reading, modifying, and menu access to safeguard data privacy.

Final Thoughts

The illustrates that TVS Motor Company is devoted to innovative business practices. TVS has enhanced its company and established a new benchmark for the industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology, promoting collaboration, and focusing on user experience. The Television Systems Advantage technique keeps their national partner network robust and ready for the fast-paced two-wheeler sector. 

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